Wednesday, October 28, 2009


BEWARE! BEWARE! There are lots of pictures!
We had so much fun in Disneyland! It was the first time we have gone with all four kids and we had a great time. Casey's Mom put the trip together for The Nielson's that were able to go. She was so generous and it was so fun to be together! Kerry, Monica and their kids, Alisha, Preston and their kids and Casey's Mom went. It was short, but VERY sweet! Thanks again everyone for an awesome time! Can we go back?

On the bus heading to the airport! Can we say EXCITED??

We flew out late Wednesday, Sept. 30. We rented a mini van and headed to the Castle Inn that was right next to Disneyland.

Disney here we come!

Waiting for our tickets to Disneyland Thursday morning.
Camien, Sophie, Cole and Cade

Cole, Cade, Sophie and Camien

Look at Minnie Mouse! So cute! I loved all the fall/Halloween decorations!

Casey waiting in line for Nemo. Our first ride

Mickey in his Halloween suit!

Kind of out of order. We went to the beach the last day. Alisha and Preston were good sports to get in the water. Cade and Preston had a BLAST jumping waves. Thanks Preston!

Sophie and Nick loved the beach. We enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach. Every time I have been to the beach in California it has been crappy weather. It was AMAZING on the Saturday we went. We ended up staying for 3-4 hours!!!

Saturday, October 3rd was Casey's 40th Birthday! We went to a really fun place to have lunch all together on the pier. I think it was Ruby's Diner. Preston and Alisha had a great friend that took us to the beach and took us to lunch. They were so generous and actually told the server that it was Casey's birthday. So they brought him a ice cream sundae and sang to him. It was so fun and yummy too!

We love you DAD!

Casey and Nick walking down the pier to the diner

At the fun parade in Disneyland. They had a part of the parade when you could go out and dance with the characters. Sophie and I jumped out there and had a blast!

Waiting and waiting for the parade! We were tired!

The boys found a place to "make" light sabers in Tomorrow land. Of course they had to do that! We took a little break and let the boys play. It was nice.

Zach and Nick having a battle!

This picture is for Grandma Mangelson! Zach and Cade in Toon Town at the post office!

Sophie in Toon Town

Nick, Casey, Zach and Cade working on the explosives. Casey was right at home!

Zach, Nick, Cade and Sophie driving the fire engine in Toon Town. It was actually really hot at Disneyland. It was October and was still mid 90's. Too hot for me!

So . . . a story behind this one. Sophie kept seeing little girls with their faces painted and said she wanted her face painted. So we picked one out of the book and paid for it ($15 - yikes). Then of course she threw a fit and said she didn't want it. I think the oriental gal thought I was a winner of a Mom. I just put her up on the stool and told her to smile. The gal looked at me and I said, "go for it, she will be fine." What a little stink! Of course after the fact, she LOVED it!

Another Sophie story . . . .oh the beauty of girls and emotions. We stood in line for over an hour to see the Princesses! The boys all left and Alisha, Cami, Sophie and myself waited and waited and waited. Of course when it was time to see them, Sophie wanted nothing to do with them. Again, a little stink. I know I NEVER acted like that!!! Don't ask my Mom about Disneyland, green jello and me being around 6 years old.

Cade and Sophie on Dumbo

Nick on the Merry Go Round!

Sweet Mary Poppins. Sophie calls her Marin Poppins. It's cute.

The whole gang on the second day at Disneyland. So much fun!

The first night after we spent all day at Disneyland we went over to IHOP to have some dinner. Zach was pale and said he wasn't feeling good. Poor guy. He ended up throwing up. Ya, there in IHOP. Good times. We let the kids sleep in and ended up renting a stroller for him the second day. He felt much better! Probably too many rides, churros, etc!!!

Sophie and Taylor on the tea cups!

Jace the Jedi

Cade fighting Darth Maul

Oh MY! The boys were in heaven at the Jedi training. It was a Star Wars show that they pick kids out the the audience to become a Jedi. Cade had on his yellow Star Wars shirt and got picked. He was soooooo excited!!! Jace also got picked but when Darth Vader came out he got a scared and had to sit down. The kids liked it so much we stayed there and watched it again while we had lunch. Cole got picked the second time.

Cade the JEDI!

Nick and Sophie in Tom Sawyer's tree house

In line for Haunted Mansion. It was so fun to be with cousins!

Sophie and Taylor

Cade and Taylor. Almost the same height. Cade is 9 and Taylor is 12

Lots of holding tired, hungry, thirsty kids. Isn't this the happiest place on earth??

More of the beach. Alisha, Marcea, Paula, Cami and Sophie

Casey's 40th birthday with his Mom.

Sophie flying home with baby Minnie

Nick was really tired on the way home. Those little legs couldn't walk any further!

We made it home Saturday night and it was COLD! We were happy to be home, but missed the wonderful weather and the fun times! Thanks Nielson's and Marcea for a great trip!


  1. Love all the pics! That looks like so much fun! I want to go there soon!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! And happy birthday to you and Casey

  3. Seriously has to be the happiest place on EARTH! Looks like so much fun!