Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's Get, Let's Get, Let's Get, Let's Get ROCKED!!!

The Hard Rockin' Boys!
A friend of the Brenchley's, David (Shawn's brother), Shawn & Casey

Casey in Heaven!

Our good friends and next door neighbors, Shawn & Roxane Brenchley invited us to the Poison, Cheap Trick and Def Leppard concert last night at USANNA. It was a beautiful night and Casey was in hard rocker heaven! Def Leppard is one of his all time favorites! We went to dinner at Wasatch Broiler so we missed Cheap Trick. I was ok with that. I am not sure I even know any of their songs. We saw Poison first. They were good, but very loud. Oh my I must be getting old. I even made Casey go see if they sold ear plugs. I feel like I don't hear very well as it is so I didn't want any further damage.
Def Leppard came out last and really put on a pretty good show. I forget how many good songs they actually have. Casey was standing up the whole time and singing his lungs out. I sat most of the night. APX has a suite which made it very "sweet."
The best part of the night was just people watching. OH my, there were some crazy looking people there. It is amazing what a little beer does to people. Yikes!
It was a nice relaxing night out. Thanks to the Brenchley's for the invite!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet Me In Denver . . .

We had a wild and CRAZY weekend. So Casey was gone all week to Virginia for work. I flew out Friday afternoon to go to a WONDERFUL dance conference in Denver. Well, he had a layover in Denver at 7:30 pm and guess what time my flight got in to Denver?? 7:30 pm! So we planned to meet and have dinner since we hadn't seen each other ALL week. Then he would be on his way home to take care of the kids for the weekend. Of course just when you think you have things all worked out, nope, not gonna' happen! I felt so bad for Casey. His plane boarded and then SAT on the tarmac for 3 hours, yes THREE hours and he happened to be in between two very large people. I think he almost had a nervous breakdown.

Things went a little crazy. I was in Denver worried sick and so frustrated because I had a babysitter at home and Casey was suppose to relieve her when he got home. Well, guess what - he missed his flight to SLC and now there were NO MORE flights to SLC that night. Luckily I had a college age sitter (SAVED US! - THANKS HILARY!). So I was in my hotel in Denver and Casey stayed the night at a hotel by the airport IN DENVER. We still didn't get to see each other. He was home FINALLY by 10 am and got to take Zach straight to his football game. His first football game. What a great little football player our Zach is! Can't wait to cheer him on next Saturday!!!

Poor Casey. He worked so hard all week and didn't get much sleep and was just DONE!! He was so happy to be home. He is such a wonderful husband and Dad! He needed to just come home and put his feet up. But he came home to a broken kitchen faucet, four kids that were soooo glad to see him and ended up staying over to the stake center Saturday night until 3 am helping get the temple dedication ready to be broadcast. HONESTLY! LEAVE MY POOR HUSBAND ALONE! I flew in last night and was home around 9:45 pm and he was sound asleep on the couch.

Hopefully, this week will be a little calmer! Thanks for all you do Casey. You are the best!

Did I mention how WONDERFUL my conference was? It was just what I needed. Very profound stuff . . . Not much actual dancing, just a lot of child psychology and classroom management. AMAZING! If you want to learn more

The psychologist they had there . . .Love her! I want her to be MY therapist. She was amazing. Actually I want her to move in to help me figure out how to raise these kids!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School!

I woke up this morning to go workout and kept fighting back the tears. I really don't like to see my boys going back to school. It is not that I am some crazy that doesn't like to let her kids go, but it just means that they are one year older and it just seems to be going so fast. Too fast.

They of course, love school and were so excited. Cade has a wonderful lady from our ward, Mrs. Pope. He is in 3rd grade. We are so very happy about that. Zach has a brand new teacher for 2nd grade, Mrs. Bair. This is her first year teaching. It makes me a little nervous, but the principal put his son in the class so that says a lot.

They wanted to wear their Star Wars shirts, of course. They are such good brothers. I think they are really lucky to have each other.

I loaded up the twins in the stroller. They were grumpy because they usually sleep until after 9 am. It was fun to go see the boys line up and walk into school.

I don't know what the twins are going to do without their big brothers. They actually played very well today and made me smile a lot! I love the way Nick says, "Sophee, come play wid me." Nick was sad when we first got home from the school. He told me, " I sad." He sure does love his brothers! The last picture is him after he told me that!

Yes, that is a kitty in the picture. Yes, we have a kitty! His name is "Hider." The kids are in love and if this kitty survives we all deserve a gold medal!

Here's to another school year!

Come home please, Casey xoxo

I got the pictures to work! Yeah! The first pictures is Cade with his good friend Parker Larsen. They are in the same class together. Cade jumped up and down when he found out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Doesn't Get Better Than This . . . . .

So I am putting the twins to bed and going through the nightly ritual. Reading FOUR MILLION books and trying to get them to come over and say their prayers. I am running out of patience because Casey is gone and I am tired, school starts tomorrow and I still have to read with the big boys. Nick won't get out of the rocking chair and is mumbling something. Sophie is in the middle of her prayers and says, "Mom, Nick needs ya." I tell Nick that Sophie is trying to say her prayers and to be quiet. I finally go over and Nick says, "Mommy, will you rock-a-bye me?" My heart melts. I really don't want them to grow up. They are still my babies and I still love to rock them. It doesn't get better than that. Sophie sings Wheels on the Bus while I rock Nick. Good Night. Come home soon Casey.
(The pictures are from Lake Powell, but I thought they were appropriate)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dylan's Baptism

We had such a good time on Saturday attending Dylan's baptism. Dylan is Kristy and Brian's (Casey's brother) oldest. He is such a good kid. Grandma Nielson and Alisha gave great talks and Dylan played his guitar and sang. It was so cute! Dylan and Cade have always been so close. They are 11 months apart and in the same grade. We went to their house in Gunnison after for a nice dinner and visit. Thanks for the nice day Brian and Kristy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

We had such a wonderful time at Lake Powell this year! This is the first year that we have taken all FOUR kids. We went with Casey's Uncle Blake and Aunt Debbie and family and it was a BLAST! We left Wednesday after work and stopped in Mt. Carmel and stayed the night at Casey's Aunt Mona's house. She is 80 years old and is the sweetest lady! She waited until we got there at 9 pm and fed us dinner. Then we went on and met Blake and crew and headed to Powell. We stayed at the Lake Powell Resort hotel right at the marina. It was nothing fancy, but a welcome shower and bed after a long day in the sunshine! We missed having a house boat. That is the ultimate Lake Powell experience, but some day!! Since this is one of my first posts, I will try to add some pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am joining the world of BLOGGING!!

Well, I am doing it. I am starting a blog. I LOVE reading my sisters blogs and all the other blogs I stalk, so I am biting the bullet and starting one. I don't know what I am doing. I guess I will learn! Here is to my new blog! Wish me luck!