Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's Get, Let's Get, Let's Get, Let's Get ROCKED!!!

The Hard Rockin' Boys!
A friend of the Brenchley's, David (Shawn's brother), Shawn & Casey

Casey in Heaven!

Our good friends and next door neighbors, Shawn & Roxane Brenchley invited us to the Poison, Cheap Trick and Def Leppard concert last night at USANNA. It was a beautiful night and Casey was in hard rocker heaven! Def Leppard is one of his all time favorites! We went to dinner at Wasatch Broiler so we missed Cheap Trick. I was ok with that. I am not sure I even know any of their songs. We saw Poison first. They were good, but very loud. Oh my I must be getting old. I even made Casey go see if they sold ear plugs. I feel like I don't hear very well as it is so I didn't want any further damage.
Def Leppard came out last and really put on a pretty good show. I forget how many good songs they actually have. Casey was standing up the whole time and singing his lungs out. I sat most of the night. APX has a suite which made it very "sweet."
The best part of the night was just people watching. OH my, there were some crazy looking people there. It is amazing what a little beer does to people. Yikes!
It was a nice relaxing night out. Thanks to the Brenchley's for the invite!


  1. Cool--I love Def Leppard! That would have been a fun concert to go to.

  2. That would have been fun. I'll bet you saw a lot of mullets!