Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School!

I woke up this morning to go workout and kept fighting back the tears. I really don't like to see my boys going back to school. It is not that I am some crazy that doesn't like to let her kids go, but it just means that they are one year older and it just seems to be going so fast. Too fast.

They of course, love school and were so excited. Cade has a wonderful lady from our ward, Mrs. Pope. He is in 3rd grade. We are so very happy about that. Zach has a brand new teacher for 2nd grade, Mrs. Bair. This is her first year teaching. It makes me a little nervous, but the principal put his son in the class so that says a lot.

They wanted to wear their Star Wars shirts, of course. They are such good brothers. I think they are really lucky to have each other.

I loaded up the twins in the stroller. They were grumpy because they usually sleep until after 9 am. It was fun to go see the boys line up and walk into school.

I don't know what the twins are going to do without their big brothers. They actually played very well today and made me smile a lot! I love the way Nick says, "Sophee, come play wid me." Nick was sad when we first got home from the school. He told me, " I sad." He sure does love his brothers! The last picture is him after he told me that!

Yes, that is a kitty in the picture. Yes, we have a kitty! His name is "Hider." The kids are in love and if this kitty survives we all deserve a gold medal!

Here's to another school year!

Come home please, Casey xoxo

I got the pictures to work! Yeah! The first pictures is Cade with his good friend Parker Larsen. They are in the same class together. Cade jumped up and down when he found out!


  1. I always feel bad for the younger kids being left home when the older kids go to school. I talked to my neighbor today that has three kids--two are in school and the one isn't old enough. She said he was glad that his older siblings were back in school cause now he gets him mom all to himself. I thought that was funny.

    I think it's cute that the boys both wanted to wear their Star Wars shirts. It makes me think that is how Ryan and Jake will be. I hope anyways.

    What is your struggle with uploading pics?? I'll give you a mini tutorial when I see you next. It's really easy, I promise. Plus, I love seeing pics so I want you to post some :)

  2. I took Jack to Sophomore orientation the other night and they said, "Welcome Class of 2012!" Just hearing that made me get all teary! He will be graduating in 3 years - can you believe it? So I understand the whole crying thing.

    You can only upload 5 pics at a time - is that what you are struggling with?

    Annie will have to tutor you . . .

    Oh and I cannot believe you have a cat!

  3. Such handsome dudes! and growing up and up and up!