Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie . . . Finally!

We finally did it. We finally got our "girls dinner" for Annie's birthday. Her birthday was August 10th, but with all of our CRAZY schedules we just barely got together. It was so nice to just chat with all of my sisters and Mom. Baby Jake was such a sweetie and I so enjoyed getting to hold him. We had yummy Olive Garden and a funny server who had the hardest time taking our picture. Sorry it is not the best, but oh well. Those of you that don't know us . . . L to R is Annie, Molly, Emilee, Me, Amy, Mom and baby Jake. Do you think we look alike? I have always thought we looked so different, but now as I get older I think you can definitely tell we are related.
It is a good thing we all have birthday's so we have a good excuse to get together. Guess who has the next birthday dinner? . . . Emilee and mine!!! YIPEE!
PS Yes, Molly and I have the same shirt on. Great minds think alike, right Molly??

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  1. You guys are very lucky to be so close and be able to do such fun things together so often. Being spread all over sucks....