Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Cade!

Opening all of his fun presents!

The wagon was a big hit!

Brian, Richard, Preston & Austin

Sophie having fun!

Austin & Cami eating dinner

Cade's Club Penguin Cake!

Enjoying the party

Casey, Jim, Ryan, Annie & Dad

Cade and Nick

Cade enjoying his birthday oatmeal!

Cade turned NINE years old today! He is so excited. It feels like we have partied all week because we had a family party Monday up the canyon. It was a lot of fun. Casey and Cade wrapped corn on the cob in foil and roasted it on the fire. Everyone helped out by bringing salads and we had sloppy joes (Cade's request). Of course we had Susan's yummy cake! Actually her daughter made it because she was out of town. We have the best cake lady in town! It turned out really nice and we really appreciate those family member who could make it up. Cade has a movie night planned for tonight so I think after today, our partying is over.

Cade is such a good boy. I was picking up the boys from school the other day and his teacher was outside. She came over and told me she is so impressed with Cade. She said he is so smart and so kind. He has always been a very kind boy. From leaving notes and presents on doorsteps when he was 3 and 4 years old to being a very good friend and son.

We waited a long time for this boy and we love him so much! He makes us proud!


  1. Your family is growing up fast....enjoy every minute of them....and continue to make good memories along the way. I love your blog....

  2. Happy Birthday Cade! I am sorry I missed your party. I don't think I will be on a cruise for any more of your parties. Love you!