Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twins First Day of School!

Can't tell if Sophie is excited or not??

There they go!

Autumn, Sophie & Nick

It is finally here . . . the twins went to school and they were SO excited! They walked in, didn't cry, hold on to my leg, act silly, or anything. I really think it helps to have their built in friend that goes everywhere with them. How nice would that be?

The parents got to stay for the first few minutes and help with an art project. I shot a little video and thought it was so dang cute!


  1. Seriously, I can't believe they are in pre-school. Wow, time flies. Next thing I know Ryan will be in pre-school. I'm kind of looking forward to it...now anyway. I'll probably be sad when he really goes, haha.

    I think it would be fabulous to have the "built in friend." :)

  2. Where has the time gone? Good grief...they should still be babe's in arms...and no sleeping for mom...just kidding about the no sleeping....I am amazed that they are in pre-school. Wow...and such cuties. Good job mom and dad!

  3. Another milestone day! They are growing up too fast. Love you Nick. Love you Sophie.