Wednesday, September 9, 2009


16 years ago I met Casey at my cousin Libbey's wedding. That is me in the left hand corner. A senior in high school. Casey was the best man (not in the picture). Libbey married Casey's best friend Mike. Casey had a sun burned nose because he had been water skiing. Imagine that??

We didn't officially date because I was still in high school and he says, "too young." So we officially went on our first date on July 30, 1993. We went to a movie "In The Line of Fire" and the Olive Garden. I remember thinking he was rich because he took me to Olive Garden and he used a credit card. Boy was I young and naive! He held my hand in his truck on our first date and I was in heaven. I went home that night and wrote in my journal that I was going to marry him.

I always said I wasn't going to get married until I was 28 and had a career. But things changed . . . . We dated for a little over a year. I was at Snow College and he was in Provo working at WordPerfect. We got engaged June 3, 1994 and married in the Manti Temple on 9-9-94.

15 YEARS AGO!!! Man do I feel old! It has been an amazing 15 years! Wow! Really when I look back I feel like those were really hard years and I am glad they are behind us. College, building our house, getting established, trying to have children, having our children, etc. etc. I am hoping it is just smooth sailing from here right?

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl on the earth. How did I end up with such a great guy? He is an amazing Dad, the hardest worker and a very patient husband and friend.

Happy 15th Anniversary Casey! I love you more today than ever. I am so excited to watch our children grow, our trees grow and our relationship grow!

Our wedding day. Grandma Mangelson, me, Mom, Grandma Jackson

My family on our wedding day. Boy I look like a child. Oh ya, I was!

Last year's anniversary

I love you Casey!


  1. OH my what memories....I remember that night and the days before and they are such good memories and great things happened....Congratulations and lots of love to you and Casey.

  2. Great memories. I remember Dad saying that you shouldnt pass up such a good guy as Casey. He was right!! Love you both.

  3. You kill me! "I thought he was rich because we went to the Olive Garden" can tell we come from a small town can't you! That cracked me up. Too funny!