Thursday, September 24, 2009


We were having too much fun watching soccer!
Nick looking like a fly with Mom's glasses on!

Bug eye Sophie! Silly kids!

Cade in his AMBUSH uniform. Just happens to be his favorite color!

Throwing the ball in

Cade is on a competitive soccer league this year. They had to try out this year. I don't know why they have to start so young. I was upset about it at first, but it actually has turned into a great experience for all of us!

They have been practicing since July and have a great time playing together. They have a great coach and it has been fun to see Cade grow and progress. We have games twice a week on Tuesday's and Saturday's so it has kept us busy. So far they have won 4 and lost 3 games. I never played soccer growing up so I don't know much about it, but I am learning. I really like soccer and the fact that they RUN so much. I think it is a great sport and Cade really enjoys it. Zach didn't play this fall because of football. But now that he can't play football with his broken arm, I think he is really missing it!



  1. Go Cade Go! I love the color too -- Madeline and Dallin's soccer team color was orange.

    The pictures of Sophie and Nick are hilarious.

  2. I never played soccer either. i was too lazy. but your kids are so cute. I hope his team does well!

  3. The kids are so cute! I love them in those sunglasses. I am doing great - but I miss Utah. I'm glad to see you are doing so well!