Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pre-School Open House

Nick waiting for the pony ride. He let Autumn Larsen ride with Sophie. He decided we didn't want to ride.

Sophie and Autumn on the pony ride

Sophie with her pig balloon and rootbeer

Nick driving the tractor around the bales of hay. He LOVED this!

Yes, it is TRUE! Nick and Sophie are going to Pre-School. They are SOOOO excited to go to Miss Molly's! She is such a sweet teacher. Cade and Zach both went to her pre-school. She is so organized and disciplined. I think that is just what kids this age need. She has a FARM theme this year. The open house was set up like a carnival. First the kids went down stairs to meet her and see the classroom, get their Bear Hollow shirt and bag, and get their carnival tickets. Next we headed outside to play all the games. She had a bounce house, tractor driving, animal balloons, duck pond and REAL pony rides. Luckily we weren't in a hurry because Nick and Sophie had a great time! I was feeling like, "oh boy, here we go." Don't get me wrong, I love pre-school but now it means field trips, helping at parties, and carpool. Really, I think I am not too excited because it means my babies are growing up way too fast.


  1. Hang on to your will just get faster by the minute.

  2. At least for pre-school you can do two schedules at once. They are so cute!!