Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bye Bye October

Happy Halloween!
We had our fun Star Wars kids.
Sophie as Princess Leah, Nick as a Clone,
Zach as Commander Fox and Cade the Jedi!

October is one of my most favorite months! October is a jam packed month, but so many fun memories are made!

First off it is my birthday! I have so many fond memories of my birthday. Mom making awesome ghost and witch cakes. Sharing my birthday month with my sister Emilee (13th). We always had combined family parties. I always look forward to going out with my girlfriends for our annual birthday dinner. We went to Nordstrom Rack in Sandy where I was so excited to find a fun orange purse! We went out to dinner at Market Street. It was such a fun night. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures!

It is also Casey's birthday. This year was a big one. He turned the big 40 and oh boy did we party! I still need to blog about that one. It is also my oldest nephew Jackson's birthday and he had a big one too. He turned 16 and we had a great time at his party! So lots of birthday's in October!

October is also filled with fall break, the annual pumpkin party, crazy hair day at school, our friend costume party, the school Halloween parade, of course Halloween and lots of pumpkin baking and cooking. We tried pumpkin pancakes for Halloween breakfast this year. They were pretty good. Zach of course loved them.

So good bye October and thank you for all the good memories!!!

Here is the proof people. Tigger does bring his family trick or treating. Not the best photo, but if you want the story let me know. It is a good one!

The kids LOVED handing out candy!

Our Friend Costume Party!

Our SOOOOOOO fun friend costume party graciously hosted by the Roskelley's. I can't say who the people are or they threatened to KILL me! I unfortunately didn't get pictures of everyone.

The Big Bad Wolf and his Little Red Riding Hood!

Some loser husband and his stay at home wife

Casey and Paula the bikers. Thanks to Molly and Scott for the last minute costumes. Our Star Wars costumes didn't quite make it. Maybe next year????

Elementary School Halloween Parade!

We saw ELVIS aka Max Brenchley

Cade and his BFF Parker

Zach as Commander Fox

Abby the Fortune Teller

Cade's friend John Payne

Zach's close up . . . so scary!

Nick enjoying all the spooky kids!

Sophie trying to be spooky herself!!!

My Birthday!

Casey and I enjoying THRILLER at Kingsbury Hall. I always love going back to the U. Brings back lots of good memories. Especially Kingsbury Hall! That is where I was a dancer/wife in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for two summers. Such good times!

Tried a new restaraunt TRIO in SLC. 9th East and 700 So. I love fun little places like this! I had YUMMY butternut squash ravioli. So great!

This was the fourth annual pumpkin party at my parents. We all wear our black and orange. The kids look forward to it (along with the adults!).
First we pick the pumpkins out of my Dad's pumpkin patch.

Then we load them in Jim's truck

Sophie, Ryan and Grandpa!

Most of the grand kids with Grandpa

Then we haul them to the garage to carve, paint, etc.

We always have YUMMY food. My Mom made homemade rolls and homemade chicken noodle soup. Emilee made the most scrumptious Onion Rings from my Dad's onions. We of course had lots of pumpkin desserts too!

Dad frying up the onion rings outside

Amy's darling pumpkin rice krispies

Jim making rootbeer

The finished product!

Even I carved a little . . .

Amy always brings the funnest games. This was DON'T EAT PETE! The kids all love the games.

Sophie and Nick playing pumpkin bowling.

Playing more fun games!

Me making some WITCHES BREW . . . The kids love it!

And Then . . . .

Look who showed up! AHHHHHHH! That darn HOBO! He shows up every year and terrorizes all of us! This year he actually brought the kids suckers. You could see the wheels churning. Maybe he is a good guy?????

The HOBO attacking Casey. OH NO!

Then he went and got on Grandpa's Harley! AUGH!

Then he seriously kissed Grandma on the lips. Look at our faces!

Nick and Sophie didn't buy it. They still didn't like him! I think Grandma and Grandpa Mangelson are going to be paying for lots of therapy for these little ones! HE HE!



Cade and Zach (really Casey too) loved the pumpkin blasters!

Sophie the cowgirl!

Cade going for the 8 second ride!

Casey teaching Nick some of his old farm techniques

My sweet Nick!

My princess Sophie!

Zach was such a sweet brother. They had a spot for the small kids to dress up and perform on the stage. Sophie saw a bunch of little girls on the stage and she ran. She wanted to "dance" on the stage. She normally does not like to dress up so we had a fun time with this. Zach was sweet and dressed up as a knight with her!

Zach, Cade, Sophie and Nick

See ya next OCTOBER! We love you!


  1. I LOVE that you coordinate your kids costumes! What a fun mom you are, and what a fun month you had! Wish we lived closer!