Wednesday, November 18, 2009

San Francisco

Casey and I went on a much needed little weekend getaway to San Francisco. It was so nice to get away and we LOVE San Fran. It is a fun city with great food, interesting people and awesome shopping! Casey was actually working for his friend Rhet so I got to play and shop ALL BY MYSELF!

This is the little note that we came home to from our kids. A big THANKS goes out to my Mom and Emily Baxter who took on the big job of taking care of our kids. They are amazing and we totally appreciate it!!!!!

Here is our swanky hotel, Union Square Hotel. Right in the heart of Union Square. It was really old, but very clean and very cool! I loved that it was so close to everything. I could go shop at a couple stores and then take my bags back to my hotel.

Here we are riding the trolley back to our hotel. That is one thing that never gets old. Love going down those big hills on the trolley!!

Eating at Da Flora
Our favorite place to eat in San Fran! This is our 3rd time there. A few years ago a hotel concierge told us about it. It is off the beaten path and it is amazing! It is small (10 tables), very old, but so awesome! Two very fat, Italian sisters run it together. We used to think maybe they were lovers, but found out this time they are sisters. They always give us dirty looks when we don't order wine, but were a little nicer this time. The one sister acted like she remembered us.
One of the best parts about the restaurant is the bathroom. Okay, maybe not one of the best, but an interesting part of it. There are no lights. It is all candle lit. Maybe if there were lights you might run and never come back.

Me at the entrance to Da Flora

It is very romantic and just overall a great place. We love Da Flora!!

This picture didn't turn out because Casey didn't want me to use the flash inside. The menus are HANDWRITTEN. It is different every time we go. They use what is in season and fresh.

The cute entrance again

One of the many window fronts in the city. Most were decorated for Christmas

The city!

More shots of our hotel.

The lounge on our floor.


  1. I LOVE it Paula! I love that the menu is handwritten! We will have to go there sometime! You look so greeat in all your pics!

  2. I love seeing the pictures of San Francisco! I think we sat at the same table at Da Flora when we ate there. Such good food--lucky!